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Start using Vuforia

March 31, 2012 - 9:23am #1

I'm very new to AR and I want to start using Vuforia.
I'm a little confused. I want to develop an Android app from the scratch.


1. Why should I use unity? If it's gonna facilitate the OpenGL part how can I use the unity models and scene in my Eclipse project?

2. What is the use of NDK and cygwin if you integrate Unity and Eclipse?

3. If I want to manipulate your sample apps, should I write my own CPP files (e.g. ImageTarget.cpp)?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Start using Vuforia

April 2, 2012 - 7:17am #2

If you are planning on rendering 3D content and aren't familiar with OpenGL then I suggest looking into Unity. Unity can import most 3D model formats, at which point you can just drag and drop them onto your image targets to get started. Note that Unity is a full game engine, not a modeling tool. You build and run your project directly from the Unity editor, with no need to mess with Eclipse, cygwin, or the Android NDK.

If you want to try working with a native Android project anyways, I suggest starting with one of the sample applications (e.g. ImageTargets) and making modifications. That will be much easier than starting from scratch. Start with the ImageTargets.cpp renderFrame method.

- Kim

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