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Tracking around a large object

September 3, 2013 - 6:46am #1


We have an area (in x-z plane) of approximately 2metres x 5 metres. 

We would like to place a physical camera in this area and to move it around the area (remaining in this plane).

We would like to render a virtual object of approximately the same dimensions as this volume occupying this space and show the virtual object from the real-world camera viewpoint.  

(So, something like what one would get from head-tracking around virtual object)

Is this possible to do with a single marker or multi-markers?

Would we need a very large or very small marker?







Tracking around a large object

September 3, 2013 - 7:08am #2

This will depend on the layout of your room / area;

for example, if you have an empty room of that size, you could place a single Image Target on the floor; this wouldwork under the assumption that the floor always remains visible from your camera point of view;

otherwise, you may consider attaching several Image Targets on the walls and use Multi Targets feature.

See :


Concerning the size of the targets, consider that usually a printed image target of about 20 - 30 cm side can be tracked well up to a couple of meters of distance (although this also depends on the viewing angle, the target quality and the lighting conditions); see also:




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