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Tracking works better on second app run

August 12, 2015 - 1:43pm #1

Hi there, I've searched for my issue in all forum but I don't find anything about this. If there is some other subject about this already open please tell me, and sorry.



- Unity 5.0.4 and Vuforia 4.2

- 6 Image targets simultaneos possibility. All set as EXTENDED TRACKING

- Center set as CAMERA

- Android and iOS do the same.

- I have adjusted the DEFAULT TRACKABLE BEHAVIOR script to only acept all the others 5 images if the first specific one was found.


The problem:

When I open the app for the first time, the first target works fine and keep always in position, but all the others target when extended activate, floats without respect the position.

With the same APP when I return to menu and then open again the AR Level, all works fine. This time, the first and all others when extended activates (I mean the camera loses the target) all loaded objects respect it own position.

When I close the app and repeat the process, everything happens again in the same way.


So, if works fine in second run, what may happening in the first run that mess up?


Tracking works better on second app run

August 14, 2015 - 4:29am #2



I believe all the problem happens due the non original size of the printed target.

My first target that is the base and the scenario was create as 43 centimeters width and my tests were made on a A4 printed version, with 28 centimeters width.  

When I use the APP this target works fine, Vuforia deals perfect with the size variation, but when I put the others image targets for the characters on top, thay had the original size, then vuforia mess the tracking position and alignment, so I had all that flutuation.

That makes perfect sense, the world size was mess up, so vuforia can't deal, but at the second time I run the same level all works better, without the floating tracks. I believe that happens because vuforia sdk undestood the size variation an then now set the world size without any problem.


So, don't expect to perfect alignment if you don't respect the original target sizes.





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