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May 7, 2019 - 6:02am #1

Hello everybody

I'm new to C++ and UWP and trying to understand how to configure the ImageTarget Sample with VisualStudio 2017 part of this tutorial:

First I've downloaded the Vuforia sdk for UWP from here and placed it in a new directory "UWP",

then I've downloaded the sample project from here

Double click the ImageTargets.sln file as the tutorial says and VisualStudio 2017 opens.

Open the AppSession.cpp script and get errors E1969 cannot open source file "Vuforia\CameraCalibration..."

So I've added the Vuforia folder manually, right-click ImageTargets, properties and in VC++ Directories added the path to "Include Directories"

Old errors gone, new errors include:

E1696 command-line error: cannot open source file "vccorlib.h" ImageTargets D:\Unity\UWP\samples\ImageTargets\SampleApplication\AppSession.cpp 1

E2998 PCH warning: an unknown error occurred.  An IntelliSense PCH file was not generated. ImageTargets D:\Unity\UWP\samples\ImageTargets\SampleApplication\AppSession.cpp 1

After reading this post and this post in stack overflow I've downloaded the Win10SDK_10.0.15063

The two errors remains.. I do have the vccorlib.h file why the AppSession.cpp cannot open it?

Image icon why not found..PNG273.48 KB
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