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UWP samples don't start on visual studio 2017 and windows 10

February 5, 2019 - 8:39am #1

I have an issue while trying to run the uwp sample on my windows 10 (without unity) through visual studio 2017 and latest vuforia version. It asked for a key at first, I did add it here : Vuforia::setInitParameters("");.

But then when I click on start button of the image target sample I get the following exception :

Exception thrown at 0x76B0B022 in ImageTargets.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: Platform::AccessDeniedException ^ at memory location 0x0E96ED08. HRESULT:0x80070005 Access is denied.

WinRT information: Access is denied.


Here is the stack.

KernelBase.dll!76b0b022() Unknown

> ImageTargets.exe!ImageTargets::AppSession::InitVuforiaAsync::__l2::<lambda>() Line 376 C++

ImageTargets.exe!ImageTargets::AppSession::InitVuforiaAsync() Line 371 C++

ImageTargets.exe!ImageTargets::AppSession::InitAR() Line 45 C++

ImageTargets.exe!ImageTargets::ImageTargetsView::ImageTargetsView() Line 119 C++

ImageTargets.exe!ImageTargets::ImageTargetsAbout::Start_Button_Click(Platform::Object ^ sender, Windows::UI::Xaml::RoutedEventArgs ^ e) Line 46 C++

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