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VideoPlayback sample scaling issue.

January 4, 2017 - 3:18am #1


I used the VideoPlayback sample and it works perfect.

But, I want to scale the video and I changed the following line in the VideoPlaybackBehaviour.cs

// Flip the plane as the video texture is mirrored on the horizontal. scale is a public float.

     transform.localScale = new Vector3(-scale, scale, scale);

But, now, I have an issue.

The Video now follows the camera and keeps changing the position. It's not stable as it was when it was of orginal scale of 0.1.

When I am directly over the top of the image target, the video is perfectly positioned at center (0,0,0) as intended. But, when the camera goes far from the image target, the video is following and is changing position.

Also, note that my video plane is perpendicular to the image target plane.

Is anything wrong with the way I scale? Please help out. Newbie here.

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