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Wish List - Access Low Level AR functions

October 18, 2018 - 1:12pm #1


I urge the Vuforia development team to continue to increase the robustness of the Vuforia API.  It's the Vuforia API that convinced me to use your product.  But like all frameworks, I immediately have bumped its limits.

For example, the Vuforia 3d scanning tool is limited.  My application requires unique feature point extraction when building a dataset for a 3d object target.  Such that I want to build my own custom 3D scanning tool.  In particular, I need five independent, detectable regions of a single 3d object.


Provide low level functions to manage collections of feature extraction points.







Provide feature extraction points that discern color contrast for object pattern recognition. 

We live in a colorful world, yet it seems your feature extraction functions rely exclusively on luminosity -- and not hue. 


Ken Huebner

Owner / Software Engineer

Huebner Design USA



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