Distance of asset from marker

October 29, 2015 - 4:16am #1


I am having an issue with a very shacky asset. Here's the breaddown:

It's an iPhone 6 build, I have an object that appears on a marker on a wall 1.5 metres away from you. The marker is A2 size.
When you tap on the object, it comes 1 metre away from the wall towards you and stops there. You can now view it closer to you. The issue here is that it is VERY shaky. I'm guessing it's because the object is far away from the marker, but is there any solution to this ?
I hope this makes sense. If the solution is to keep the object as close as possible to the marker at all times, then I'll find a different workaround. But I'm hoping there something we can do to stabilize it.

Distance of asset from marker

November 9, 2015 - 6:20pm #2

If you keep the augmentation parented to the target, then any minor rotations and translations at a distance when tracking target will appear larger closer to the camera. Depending on the needs of your app, you could move the augmentation into screen space if necessary (see the Books sample app). Improving target tracking could also help:



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