using touch with an augmentation

December 30, 2015 - 1:03pm #1

Hello Everybody!
Please let me preface my question by letting you know I am a complete Unity/Vuforia newbie. I have used Metaio in the past to create three AR scenarios, and need now to recreate them using Unity and Vuforia. I am a designer, not a programmer, but I muddle through it so please forgive me if my questions are perceived as lame. I really want to learn.

I have a scene with a target image and a 3D object. When I had built this using Metaio, I was able to use touch gestures on the 3D object to move it (drag), scale it (pinch), and rotate it around a single axis - I believe it was the Y axis.

I have searched through the help and forums, but cannot find exactly what I'm looking for. I have found this article:

I have attached that bit of code to the ARCamera and placed a mesh collider on my 3D object. When I test the scene, my object shows up but it doesn't respond to touching it.

I have tried it by deploying to an Android device and through Unity, using the native camera on my Mac.

Would someone who is more knowledgeable than me be kind enough to walk me through this?
I appreciate you time, thankyou.

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