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Exception list for firewall

January 24, 2022 - 5:06pm #1

I've been trying to using Model Target function with the Model Target Generator.


But there was a problem when I tried to upload my model for simplifying and training for Advanced view


I've already applied the '*' to a firewall exception list. Because I've been testing behind firewall of a company.


But It still doesn't work.


Our IT group said that we need IP exception list for using upload function.


Is there a list of IP address to access the Vuforia cloud?


Thank you.

Exception list for firewall

February 28, 2022 - 3:24am #3

You can add exceptions for specific IP addresses that are allowed through your firewall. This allows you to allow access to specific websites from outside your network.

Exception list for firewall

January 25, 2022 - 6:31am #2

Hey there,


Make sure that the following 3 URLs are whitelisted:,,

Let me know if that solves the issue! 


Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

Technical Community Manager

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