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6DoF Vuforia 7 + Unity

December 20, 2017 - 8:50am #1


Been testing out Vuforia 7 and looks good so far. One query is that I was expecting 6DoF to be a part of the update for Image Targets. e.g. you can place an image target and the augmented object will remain in world position in the room. However even with image planes, extended tracking and camera positional enabled when the image target is lost, so is the augmented object. 

I am only testing through webcam right now and not on device, could this be the problem? Am I missing something obvious, or is there any specific setup that I need to do?


Everything else like ground planes and target selection working perfectly, nice update, would just be great to get 6DoF and persistent augmented object working as it is critical for my application. 



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