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Content Scaling Different On Android

March 28, 2018 - 12:30am #1

Hi, I am using the ground plane content scaling method described here, which works fine in the editor.

However, as soon as I build on an Android device, (a ground plane supported device) the scaling doesn't work at all. Although all the rotations etc of the ground plane/content seem okay, the content seems to be at its original HUGE scale. Is there anything specific I need to do for Android that is different for the editor?

I noticed that on device the 'plane indicator' is far smaller than the plane indicator when viewed in the editor (play mode). Maybe that's a clue?


EDIT: I actually notice that on Android the cameraPos in the VuforiaCameraScaler script is ALWAYS 0,0,0. This variable changes as you move the webcam in the editor version but stays at zero on device. I suspect this is the issue but I dont know why it is the case nor how to fix it. Hopefully someone can help. 


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