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Does Vuforia Fusion perform an "active" check to determine if ARCore/Kit are supported?

March 6, 2018 - 3:08am #1

Hi everyone,

I'll try to better clear up my question with en example.

I'm currently trying out a very basic Unity Ground Plane based project. It works perfectly when deployed on a Google Pixel 2 XL, so I believe there are no errors in my (very simple) implementation.

When I try to run it on an Asus Zenfone AR though, Ground Plane functionalities are not working. I know that the phone is not listed in the available devices, but (since recently) it fully supports ARCore and the ARCore libraries are installed and working as expected when used within the "native" Unity plugin.

Hence my question: does Vuforia perform any check to verify if ARCore is right away available on the device, in order to "just  wrap around" its SDK? What it looks like is that the list of compatible models is just "hard coded": if a device is supposed to be not compatible, the Ground Plane functionalities are not enabled, even though ARCore is actually fully available.

Will this be fixed in future releases? Or maybe it's not an actual issue and I'm doing something wrong...?

I'm also curious to know how this would work with published apps with the current (suspected) implementation: let's say a new set of Android devices becomes ARCore compatible after the app is published, will we need to update Vuforia (and consequently, re-publish the app) to widen compatibility?

Thanks in advance for the attention.


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