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Ground plane being not tracked on Android 11

January 27, 2021 - 1:09am #1



I've been worked on my project including ground plane and image target. 

I could use both of them until my testing device Galaxy note 20 Ultra was in Android 10, but after updating it to Android 11, image targets are appearing well but ground planes are not.

There were only statement that smart terrain had been failed to initialize on the logcat, no other errors appeared.

Engine was activated fine, trackers were activated fine, but ground plane and the indicator had no response even in both of automatic hit tests and interactive hit tests.

I read the document that my device is not on supported list, but ground plane has been done well when it was in Android 10.

Is Android 11 is not supported yet, or any more actions are to be needed?


Okay, Smart Terrain is looked like the problem.

Differences between two API is whether Smart terrain is activated.

So what actions can be needed for Android 11?

Ground plane being not tracked on Android 11

January 28, 2021 - 5:49pm #2

I solved this problem in my own.

I figured out that Smart Terrain can be activated with 'XR Plugin Management' from the package manager.

It activated 'XR Plug-in Management' setting in Player Setting and I checked the box for 'ARCore' on the Android section.

After that, everything was solved like charm.

This method wasn't even necessary until Android 10, but it looks like different in Android 11.

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