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Ground plane changing objects with buttons

June 12, 2018 - 1:29am #1

I'm creating an app for artists to view sculptures in AR with Vuforia.

I have easily been able to change objects with image target, but once i adapted ground plane instead of image target, i cant seem to get it to change objects.

I have a simple scene with three objects, each connected to a ground plane stage. the first object works but once i change it to the other two it doesn't show (i copied the ground plane sample provided by Vuforia's setup and replaced the Ground, plane and midair placement augmentations with my own objects and tweaked the methods in the "Plane Manager" script to place all three on the plane and not midair when each is placed within the scene)


Does anyone know of a tutorial i can use to get simple ground plane functionality with Vuforia while being able to change the objects within the app?

(I can send screenshots of my setup within unity if needed? i just cant find any good support with this topic, my knowledge of C# is limited and so is my time.)

Have a great day.

Griffin Maree

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