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Ground Plane with SceneKit Integration

May 10, 2018 - 5:54am #1


I am trying to use Ground Plane detection in order to render a scene using SceneKit. Unfortunately, I think I'm still a little unsure about how the matrix math should work when translated to using SceneKit. From my understanding, I should be able to get the pose from the DeviceTrackableResult and convert it to a Model View Matrix using convertPose2GLMatrix, then invert it and set that to the transform of my camera node for the scene:

if (result->isOfType(Vuforia::DeviceTrackableResult::getClassType())) {
   Vuforia::Matrix44F modelViewMatrix = Vuforia::Tool::convertPose2GLMatrix(result->getPose()); // get model view
   devicePoseMatrix = VuforiaEAGLViewUtils::Matrix44FTranspose(VuforiaEAGLViewUtils::Matrix44FInverse(modelViewMatrix));
   _worldCameraNode.transform = SCNMatrix4Invert([self SCNMatrix4FromVuforiaMatrix44:modelViewMatrix]);

Then I perform a hit test to find where to render the reticle and transform the node representing the reticle (in the same scene):

const Vuforia::HitTestResult *result = [_manager hitTestWithNormalizedTouchPointX:0.5 andNormalizedTouchPointY:0.5 withDeviceHeightInMeters:1.4 andStateToUse:state];
if (result != nullptr) {
   Vuforia::Matrix44F poseMatrix = VuforiaEAGLViewUtils::Matrix44FIdentity();
   Vuforia::Matrix44F modelViewMatrix = Vuforia::Tool::convertPose2GLMatrix(result->getPose());

   VuforiaEAGLViewUtils::multiplyMatrix(&devicePoseMatrix.data[0], &modelViewMatrix.data[0], &poseMatrix.data[0]);
   _reticleNode.transform = [self SCNMatrix4FromVuforiaMatrix44:poseMatrix];

Unfortunately, this didn't seem to work. Since I'm applying the device pose matrix to the camera node, I thought perhaps I don't need to do the matrix multiplication, however, removing that still didn't seem to produce proper results.

Any advice on how to proceed would be helpful!

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