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Image Tracking with navigation to Ground plane

March 26, 2019 - 4:35am #1

Hi Guys,

I have just stated to develop an AR app using Unity + Vuforia.

The requirement is when the app is executed, the first scene starts with Image target scanning, when thats done, there is one button appears in AR on the image target. 

When the user touches this button it should load another scene with Ground plane detection and start a building animation. 

Now I have added 2 AR cameras for both the scenes but when I try to run the app in play mode, none of the cameras are working and the screen remains black. 

When I disable the AR camera in the 2nd scene with Ground plane, the first scene works but after clicking on the button to navigate to 2nd scene, it says no camera rendering. 

So what can be the solution for this problem as I want to have both image target and also ground plane functionality in the same app. 




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