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Need Ground Plane Tracking Lost Event

August 29, 2018 - 7:02am #1

Hello, I am working in Unity to implement a callback event for when ground plane tracking is lost since Vuforia does not have that event built into it's PlaneFinderBehaviour.cs script already.

My current method is to track when OnAutomaticHitTest() fails to fire for an Update() but correctly fired on the previous Update().

However once the OnAutomaticHitTest() is sent once from the PlaneFinderBehaviour.cs script, it will continue to fire forever, regardless of the actual tracking state. So I cannot use it to hook into this event.

PlaneFinderBehaviour.cs also does not call events from the ITrackableEventHandler.cs interface, so I cannot use that either.

Has anyone solved this?

Need Ground Plane Tracking Lost Event

September 1, 2018 - 12:50am #2

Hi ,

I am new to yuforla and I thought your question made sense. My team is developing an AR application where in when we place the object on floor and change the camera angle or more the view to the roof or somewhere else and try to comeback to the object , it object starts floating in the air.

Essentially , it loses the ground. I want to know why this is happenning ? 

The object(s) should stay intact where they are kept irresepctive of the position of the camera

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