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Replacement for Smart Terrain's vertical surfaces recognition?

March 2, 2020 - 5:38am #1


I am developing a game for my Bachelor's Degree, which is supposed to track cards as image targets and simultaneously recognize obstacles like a mug on a table. As Smart Terrain is now deprecated. is there any new way to recognize a vertical surface? I see that Ground Plane is the replacement for mention before feature, but I do not see any examples of it detecting anything else than the horizontal surfaces. 

Recognizing a single mug is actually all I need, but I would like not to use a predefined Object Target, as my "game" should recognize any minor object laying on the table as an obstacle, which characters in game cannot pass.

If i cannot use Ground Plane for this task, is there any way to get Smart Terrain working, by downloading older Unity and Vuforia versions? 

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