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Scale confusion

August 30, 2018 - 2:32am #1

Hi, Please excuse my question if its been asked a million times, I searched but did not find exactly my question.

Im a bit confused about how the groundplane scale works in relation to unity scale.

Im creating a city game, its 4 blocks of a city that is "played" on the floor... a bit like an AR "trainset". The kids get down on their knees and "explore" the city, discovering secrets.

When I add my city, its made to unity scale, that is 1 meter, is about 1 meter. When placed as a child of the "groundplane stage" I have to shrink my complete model by LOADS... (I think I have 0.001 set in scale transform).

This works, but has unwanted side effects.

1) the shadows are horrible

2) everything (characters, vehicles etc) have also be shrunk by this amount

3) particles (ok I admit, bought assets here) are also huge and I dont even know how to simply shrink them.

If I leave the scale as normal, the model is so huge, I can actually walk around in it, which is pretty cool, but kids will need an aircraft hanger to play in... which most dont.

Whats the correct set-up here?



Scale confusion

August 30, 2018 - 9:45am #2

it might depend on your phone?

older ones run VIO mode which gets better scale accuracy as you move your phone around

newer ones run ARkit/core and lock scale really well

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