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is target version playing mischief in Groundplane performance?

March 14, 2018 - 12:09am #1

I have followed word by word help intro of Unity/Vuforia documentation.What am I craeting is a simple Capsule.Basc dsplya alos failing to show up.While I am checking about all the propertties, I found some miscellaneous detail.Some of the web page instructions There was a suggestion to change te target version to 7.0.And When I chcked my panel properties It si "Automatic(Highest available)" there!OK!I have found some clue to set it right and I changed the version.


And when I try to build,this time It is not even accepting the request by saying "Android SDK does not include your Target SDK of 24.Please Use the Android SDK installation tool to install your target SDK version." How to overcome such hurdles which are coming fm the Platform Unity/Vuforia itself?Simply Unity provided an EXE to install.I 2017.03.I have uninstalleed the application and re-installed it,even there is no checkbox or something to adjust the SDK version in that download/install windows,Until I succced in SDK version change my project will not evencompile.Is this the right way to provide a working platform for the developers?How inity is going to guide me to overcome these hurdles created by Unity itself?


P.S:I think this 2017.03 version is a 100% failure,and it is is better to reverse back to earlier versions.Am I right?

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