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World anchor to model

April 11, 2018 - 1:00pm #1

I've been trying for some time now and can't quite find a way to simply use an object or reference point as an anchor.  I am by no means a great coder so that's not helping :)

Ideally I am looking to anchor an object mid air with no interaction from the user at all.  This anchor would serve as the scene world anchor.  User should be able to walk around the object, look away from and walk away from while the position of the object is still updating(unlike image recognition and like ground plane attached objects).  Even with extended tracking if you walk away from an object it's size does not scale till you find the image again.

Unless I am missing something it doesn't seem like ground plane is a good solution here.  It always seems to require input and it drifts away into infinity and beyond quite often.  I am testing on a s8+.

Any help would really be appreciated, thanks.

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