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3D Content is not stable on the marker using unity3d + vuforia

June 5, 2018 - 4:25am #1

We are  working application for HoloLens using Unity3d + Vuforia.

Application Flow:

                    User scan the poster using hololens.3D Content will overlay on the poster.

Issue :

         In editor content overlay on poster working fine. But when I am build and run in HoloLens. position is not proper, it is not  stable.

I enable extended tracking and tried.


Software versions:


        Vuforia : HoloLens vuforia 7.1.34


  Enable  Capabilities:




Can look into the screenshots took in editor. When using Vuforia in HoloLens, I can’t take screenshots beacuse both PV camera and Holograms is rendering.

Attachment 1 --  App Runtime in Editor

Attachment 2 --Scene

Attachment 3 --Image Behavior and scale of target

Attachment 4 --Player Settings for UWP(HoloLens)



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