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About teapot position

November 29, 2016 - 5:35pm #1
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I  find the teapot in the box and show near the image target When I run the official case .But the position of the teapot didn’t floating on the surface of the Image Target .It seemed the teapot was inserted in the image target.When I moved hololens,the teapot followed closely.It seemed the position of the teapot was not fixed.Please help me to confirm if what i have descriped to you is normal.

About teapot position

November 30, 2016 - 8:23am #3

I had this problem to. It turn out that my printed marker was no in the correct size. Hololens and in general stereo augmentations have a problem with this.

For stereo rendering, all scene units must be specified in meters. Additionally, all printed targets must be the exact same size as specified in the device database. Resizing, stretching of the printed target will affect the registration accuracy of the augmentation.

In the sample the image taget width size was 0.247 and height 0.1729, so i printed a new marker of size 24.7 cm and 17.2 cm and the issue was fixed.

The solution came form here

About teapot position

November 30, 2016 - 7:35am #2


If the image target remains stationary, and extended tracking is enabled, then HoloLens tracking will be utilized and you will see solid registration. However, if the image target is moved, there will be a lag in augmentation registration on the target as Vuforia recalculates the position. This is a known limitation of our integration with HoloLens that we are working actively to resolve.


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