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App Crash in Kiosk Mode on Resume

November 8, 2017 - 5:05am #1



We seem to have an Issue with Vuforia crashing our Unity Application on the Hololens. 

When we have the application deployed and launch in in Kiosk Mode, we would assume it will automatically resume the application when we put the Hololens to sleep and wake it back up. Sadly sometimes the app does not get launched again when resuming. It just remains with the white dot cursor.

It's really hard to debug, what we found in the debug console: 'System.AccessViolationException' in Vuforia.UnityExtensions.dll

when resuming.

Vuforia also really likes to lock up the Hololens when it's running and other heavy work is being done (like animation, enabling renderers, Hololens booting). This we could circumvent by delaying most of the Vuforia tracking but the issue with the resume still remains.

When I check the changelog I found this for Version 6.5.25: "Fixed a crash in Vuforia::onResume on HoloLens"

which seems exactly like our issue!

But the last Unity Plugin only is at Version 6.2.10 and we are still using Unity 5.6.1f1 and don't yet have the ability to migrate to the newer Unity yet.


Is there a way for us to integrate the latest UWP SDK in our Unity project without upgrading Unity? Or is there a workaround for the crash?

If our crashes are unrelated to fix mentioned in the changelog it would be great to know how we might fix it.

App Crash in Kiosk Mode on Resume

November 9, 2017 - 11:54am #2

Hello chrigit,

It is possible that you are experiencing the same crash that has been resolved in 6.5, you'll need Unity 2017.2 in order to use Vuforia 6.5. Are you able to create a reference project in 6.5 that recreates your crash scenario so that you can test if this fixes it?

What is your code for pausing and resuming Vuforia within your app when you put the device into Kiosk Mode? You can PM me the code if you do not want to share it publicly.


-Vuforia Support

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