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App crashes in one particular room

March 27, 2019 - 7:38am #1

Hello everybody it's me again ahah.


I have a really curious situation right now. I have my app, what is starting and working really fine in my office. But when I'm trying to start the same app in another room (let's call it room 1), after the Unity Logo, nothing happens. When i'm trying to close it and restart it, it seems like the app switched to stand by mode and doesn't want to start. I tried to use my app in 2 other rooms (room 2 and room 3), and it's working perfectly. It's only in the room 1 that the app doesn't work.

I made a test with another Vuforia App, in my office and in room 1, and this one is working fine. I have to underline that this app was still working some days ago, but not anymore.

Any ideas how to make my app work in room 1 ?


Thank you

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