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Focusing Problems

February 23, 2018 - 4:28am #1

Hi there,


i've created a super simple Unity Project, solely with the purpose to track a Real-Life 3D Object with Fuvoria by using a (real) HoloLens.

So far the recognition works fine. To check this i've just added a Cube as a ChildObject to the "ObjectTarget".

The Cube will be shown, as it should, but something doesn't work as it should.


As long as i 'focus' with my Eyes the Real World Object (in my case a box), i see "two" images of the Virtual Cube.

As soon as i 'focus' the Virtual Cube, i lose the focus of the Real World Object.


Does anybody has an Idea what goes wrong here? I can't find the culprit, and i hope it's just a Minor Problem.

I've re-runned the HoloLens Eye/IPD Calibration Process, but nothing changed with the Situation.


My best regards



Unitiy 2017.3.0p9

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