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Holograms disappear when I remove headset.

August 30, 2020 - 4:28pm #1

Hi everyone!

I am using a Hololens 2 and the latest Vuforia with Unity3D.

I want to record a video while Vuforia is running (Through the Web portal of the HL2).

I want to take several pictures where the headset is placed on different positions.

When I am wearing the headset the holograms are rendered normally and I can see them through the Live view on the portal.

However when I remove the headset from my head, the holograms just disappear from the video.

I tried to reproduce this behavior with the 3D Viewer app (comes in default with HL2), the Holograms are still being rendered even if I am not wearing the device on my head.

Anyone knows what's the issue ? is this a Vuforia/Unity configuration ?

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