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Hololens and Image Target

February 22, 2017 - 2:25am #1

Hello Folks

I want to join your group of having unanswered question so i try my luck with it :)

It's hololens question, because the issue only seems to appear on hololens device.

It's pretty basic question i think, but it denies my previous experience with Vuforia on different devices.


How big should be Image Target width?

As i understand: The widht when we are adding new ImageTarget should correspond the real life and Unity3d unit. So does it means that 1.0 width means 1m in Unity? I had image on almost full A4 with width 0.247 and it works fine, but when i have smaller image with 0.1 width and it's not working. 

I want to know, how should i calculate real life images with images i send to vuforia.


Additional Question: Does vuforia works with QR Codes?

Thanks for help

Hololens and Image Target

February 22, 2017 - 12:42pm #2


All Vuforia samples use meters as the scene units. So, if you're using our sample and you want to add a target it to it, entering a width value of "1.0" in the target manager corresponds to 1m.

Perhaps the issue you're incurring is related to the size of the far clipping plane? I suggest that you try setting the Far Clipping Plane value in your scene's ARCamera->Camera to some large value (like 5000).


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