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HoloLens - Deactivating Camera for Mirroring

January 21, 2019 - 12:02am #1

I found some posts about Mirroring and Deactivation the vuforia camera, but I could not solve my problem.

What I want:

I want to mirror what I see through my hololens, so other ppl can see it too. How can I disable the camera without getting the scene to disappear?


Vuforia claims the camera for oneself, so live-capturing via the hololens app or device portal does not work, while running my unity-app on the hololens.


Currently I'm starting my unity-pp on the hololens, let spawn all things I want to show. Then I minimize my project, so I can start live-capturing. After that I maximize again my unity-app and people can see what I see. But Vuforia-recognition does not work anymore, because now live-capture is now using the camera.

What I tried:

By running this, the whole scene disappears. I guess the app is not crashing but everything disappears and you see nothing.


if (_isVCamDisabled)

{   VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.enabled = true; }


{   VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.enabled = false; }

Or using this, leads to the same issue:


vuforiaCamera.GetComponent<VuforiaBehaviour>().enabled = false;

vuforiaCamera.GetComponent<DefaultInitializationErrorHandler>().enabled = false;


There is a post beneath my post, where the vuforia team says:

"You *cannot* do MRC Live preview while a Vuforia app is running in any case. If you try to start Live preview while a Vuforia-based app is running on HL, you will get an error in MRC. If you try to start a Vuforia-based app while Live preview is running, the app will not start."

So live-capture is not possible?

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