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How to communicate information between multiple markers

April 26, 2021 - 3:09am #1


I am new to Unity and the Hololens and am currently trying to extend the image target tracking of the Hololens using Vuforia, by implementing a second marker that is further away from the first marker. I have been able to detect the first marker and produce a virtual object (eg. cube or robot arm) as a child of the ImageTarget. What I would like to achieve is once the first marker is detected, it would have an idea of the direction where the other marker is positioned and direct the user to go and detect the marker. Once the second marker is detected, the position of the virtual object will be saved in the first and second image target, and if tracking is lost of one marker, the virtual object will still be displayed based off the other image target. 

So far I am aware that I can use the DefaultTrackableEventHandler to perform a function when tracking of either marker is lost/found. How would I go about saving the position of the virtual object in both ImageTargets scripts (relative position of each marker is defined and known) in a way that the virtual object will be in the same position if either marker's tracking is lost? 

Thanks in advance. 

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