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Live streaming problem with Vuforia

May 29, 2017 - 1:27am #1


I´ve noticed that when I run an application that has Vuforia, and decide to see what the user with Hololens see, the live streaming provided by Microsoft on Microsoft Portal doesn´t work. And viceversa: if I run first the Live streaming, the application with Vuforia will not load.

Why? How to solve this?

Live streaming problem with Vuforia

June 2, 2017 - 3:00pm #2


Based upon experiments with HoloLens while running Vuforia, here is what we know about the Mixed Reality Capture (MRC) feature:

  1. You can record videos of Vuforia apps running on HoloLens. Note that for this to work, the app running Vuforia must be started *before* you started to record with HL’s MRC. If you start recording first, the video will abruptly stop once Vuforia gets access to the HL camera.
  2. You *cannot* do MRC Live preview while a Vuforia app is running in any case. If you try to start Live preview while a Vuforia-based app is running on HL, you will get an error in MRC. If you try to start a Vuforia-based app while Live preview is running, the app will not start.

The limitations above are related to real-time camera access for apps running on the HL. In order to guarantee optimal detection and tracking performance, Vuforia is granted sole access to the live camera feed. This is similar to other platforms that we support, such as Android and iOS. You can see that it also works the other way around for apps that do not run Vuforia. The Live preview app requires real-time camera access, so while it is running Vuforia is blocked from accessing the camera.


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