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Model Target Doesn't Match Actual Model

January 2, 2018 - 1:15pm #1

I created a small scene by using the Vuforia Model Target project on the asset store and I replaced the lander model with a model of an HTC vive controller. I used the FBX file included in steam VR for the controller (the one you see in VR) and generated a model target with it..

When I deploy to hololens the model is always not aligned properly with the controller. Both the position and rotation of the controller have been off.

If I switch the settings from Digital Eyewear back to handheld and use a webcam in the editor it always works perfectly.


Is there some reason why the Hololens can't do Model Targeting as well as a webcam can?


I'm using Unity 2017.3 and Vuforia version 7.0.36.


I tried to get a picture of how it doesn't align but I can't get Cortana to take a picture in the App and I can't also get mixed reality capture to work in the app either.

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