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MultiTarget Cube

May 15, 2017 - 8:23am #1

Hello forum, today I have been attempting to create a Vuforia cube target for HoloLens via Unity.  No luck!  When I download my database and import the cube the maps do not appear in Unity, I have to re-attach them manually which is not a massive issue.  The bigger problem is that when I deploy to the HoloLens it does not pick up the 3d model and apply the augmentation.  Worked fine with the flat 2d targets.  Does anyone know of any tutorials on this subject?  I'm sure I'm missing something very simple...

MultiTarget Cube

June 23, 2017 - 4:28pm #6


Thanks for responding!  I went back through the MultiTarget documentation and determined that my calculations for the top and bottom aspect ratios were definitely incorrect.

The key was looking at the XML file for the FlakesBox example.  The ratios MUST MATCH.   Looking at the XML file, I worked with the dimensions for each image in the XML file and cross-referenced this with the *pixel dimensions* for each image file to determine the correct ratio.  You are not required to use the exact dimensions from your images as input to the TargetManger (but you can).  

I could see from the FlakesBox example that the dimensions for the cuboid entered in the TargetManager (90, 120, 60) govern the aspect ratios for the front/back (w/h), left/right (d/h) and top/bottom (w/d) of your images.   Keep them exactly to these ratios and everything works great.  In addition, there is no guesswork (which I spent hours doing). 

In the FlakesBox example ratios are 0.75 for the front/back, 0.5 for the left/right sides, and 1.5 for the top/bottom.  The pixel image dimensions for each image met this exactly (384x512 for front/back, 256x512 for sides, and 512x341 for top/bottom).

This was a great pointer for a beginner and I hope that future documentation would provide a pointer to the XML file and sample images.

I am currently changing my implementation to use pixels vs. centimeters for input to the TargetManager.

Thanks again.



MultiTarget Cube

June 23, 2017 - 9:31am #5

Hello tlooms,

Towards the bottom of this page: https://library.vuforia.com/articles/Training/Getting-Started-with-the-Vuforia-Target-Manager there is a section describing some common issues found when uploading to the Target Manager. Could you review the section about Multi-Targets and let me know if that solves the issue you're having?


MultiTarget Cube

June 23, 2017 - 4:48am #4

Hello Forum,

Today I tried the Single and MultiTarget examples with the HoloLens and they worked great!  

I successfully created a MultiTarget Cube using the dimensions and images provided in the FlakesBox example. This worked well using cuboid dimensions: w=13.71, h =18.29 and depth = 9.14 and then using the image sizes for the sides.

I am now trying to create my own MultiTarget Cube. I scanned the sides of a box as jpeg images.  I did some editing to enhance recognition (as recommended).

Following the example, I have successfully created the Front, Back, Right and Left sides of the cube, but cannot figure out the top and bottom.   I am receiving the "Please provide an image with the correct aspect ratio"  message.

Here is what is accomplished so far:

Cuboid Dimensions: Width: 12.73 Height: 19.51 Length: 6.99 (please see attached image)

The Front and Back dimensions in centimeters are (keeping close to the FlakesBox example): ** this is OK ** 

W = 12.73 cm,  H =19.51 cm; 

Pixels dimensions are : W = 1002, H = 1536 

The Right and Left Side dimensions in centimeters are:   ** this is OK **

W =6.99 cm, H = 19.51 cm

Pixel dimensions are: W = 550, H= 1536

The Top and Botton dimensions in centimeters are: ** receiving error here **

W = 19.51 cm, H = 13.51 cm

Pixel dimensions are: W = 1536, H = 1064

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  






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MultiTarget Cube

May 17, 2017 - 4:58pm #3


Today I was able to take MultiTargets sample scene, including provided dataset and PDF target, and get it to detect on HoloLens.

Be sure that the aspect ratios of the printed sides of the cube are preserved. If the aspect ratios are off, then Vuforia will not detect. Additionally, to have the augmentation movement match the target's movement, the exact measurements of the sides in meters must be entered into the TargetManager when creating.

I suggest that you use the provided MultiTargets sample assets as a proof of concept. From that, you can mock up your own cube target with ours as a reference.


MultiTarget Cube

May 17, 2017 - 12:28pm #2

Figured it out now 

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