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Object Alignment using Vuforia and Hololens

July 14, 2021 - 10:06am #1

Hello, we are currently working on a project using vuforia on the hololens, and we want to be able to overlay a model of an object over the object once scanned. The scanning process is working, and the model is placed into the world, but it is inconsistent in its alignment. Sometimes the model is in the same place, but other times it is angled or in a completely different location. We are using Unity and Model Targets. We have been trying to work around this issue for quite a bit now, but nothing appears to make it consistently go in the same place. Your help is very much appreciated!

Object Alignment using Vuforia and Hololens

July 14, 2021 - 11:14am #2


I think there are several options to check:

1.)you can check the quality of you model target related to the real model. You can use the ModelTarget tester app  to check the quality of the generated model target ( is MT guided or advanced) - please, check the Model Target Test App User Guide how to use the test app to verify the MT

2.) check if the size the MT is generated correct and if you used all possible options to improved the quality of your Model Target - refer to following helpful articles

How to Create a Model Target

Optimizing Model Target Tracking

Model Target Generator User Guide

Best Practices for Managing Scaling of Model Targets

3.) You can check also the functionality implemented in the example of the HoloLens asset in the unity asset store and check the sample scene 2-ModelTarget in the Assets/SampleResources/scenes

Possibly you can replace the model Target in this example by your own model target database and check if it works.

4.) When you say overlay - so I believe you can also review In the Unity asset Store the Vuforia Occlusion Manager Sample there is an occlusion example is provided - which demonstrates how to overlay the real object  by rendered  model. This example is for mobile devices but you can study the implementation and try to use similar implementation  on the HL device.

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