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Place Agumented Object always vertically without inclination

December 14, 2016 - 6:08am #1



I am using Vumark with extended tracking feature to show augmented object above it. As per default feature, Vuforia is trying to align aumented object with alignment in which Vumark is placed.  


Can the agumented object  be always vertical without inclination even if scanned vumark is inclined?

Also I have seen demo of vuforia with hololens where user can place augmented object after it showed up due to vumark scanning.


Is there possibility of adding interaction to augmented object like placing it by pinch and move after vumark scanning?



Place Agumented Object always vertically without inclination

January 24, 2017 - 7:59am #3

Holographic interaction can be done.

It will be like doing usual Hololens interactions.

I tried and as for now I have succeded on recognizing the image target,

rendering a hologram after a correct recognition and changing it's color.

I modified the Trackable event handler that vuforia provides. 

Usually it would deactivate the renderer of the hologram when tracking is lost.

I only make a debug.log that prints the lost target name. 

By doing so, I am able to use gaze without worrying about the target being on sight or not.

Place Agumented Object always vertically without inclination

December 16, 2016 - 2:02pm #2

I have written my own code to allow functionality like this with Image Targets.  I have a script on my image target that replaces the Default Trackable Event Handler.  My script then provides a location to the augmentation content.  Note, though, that my content is not a child of the image target, so I can control exactly how it is oriented.  The image recognition gives my objects it's orientation and location, but they can use that information however it best serves them.  For instance, I have found it works better to do something like this and let the game object lock itself to the HoloLens' Spatial Mesh on it's own instead of relying on Extended Tracking because when the HoloLens loses it's visual tracking, the game world will move without Extended tracking even realizing it.


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