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Unity AR in Hololens with Vuforia

May 11, 2021 - 9:04am #1



I am a new developer for Unity AR in Hololens with Vuforia and i have some issues.

First of all, from my experience in android ar apps, when the camera scan an image target, some 2d and 3d objects spawn in the device display and also a canvas with a UI. Also the 3d objects are attached to the image target and don't follow the users camera (as default behavior). 

I try to make somethng like that for a hololens 2 device i had some problems.

First of all i didn't manage to spawn the UI. I can imagine that this logical because the Hololens UI must develop as mrtk canvas in world space. But with vuforia i didn't manage to solve it.

The second problem was the behavior of the 3d oblects. When i see an image target with the hololens the 3d objects that spawn always follow the camera. So except of the problem with the "on target lost" event (i can't hide the 3d object when i stop watching the image target), it is a very bad behavior for the user immersiveness. Also i didn't manage to make the objects grabbable with the hololens srcipts and colliders. 

The last problem was the rendering of the 3d object's texture. It is like a hologram (a little bit transparent) and i didn't manage to change that.

Really really thanks for your time and please if you know the answer for any of my problems let me know.

Thanks again


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