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Unity ARapp in Hololens with Vuforia

May 13, 2021 - 4:14am #1

Hello guys

I really need your help. I am a new developer for Unity apps and i am working a project. It is an ar app with vuforia than when the user watch an image a 3d object will spawn above the image. I made something like that for android devices so i didn't think that it will be so difficult. But then the problems started. I create an image target in vuforia and imported in a unity project. I imported and a 3d object and make it as child of the image target. In unity when i use my editor camera in play mode and i see the image target, everything works fine. The 3d object spawn above the image location (as i want) and it doesn't follow the camera. When build the project in hololens 2 and play the app everything goes wrong. First of all the 3d object doesn't spawn above the image but on a "random" location. Some times it doesn't spawn right (only some parts of the model). And of course when i move my head the object follow my camera. I also try to disable then 3d object with the "On Target Lost" event but i doesn't work at all.

Also i tried the vuforia hololens sample app from unity store and it works fine. I try to copy the logic of that app to my project or to load my image target to that project and tested but i didn't work to make any progress.

I really need help because it is for a project in my work

Thanks for your time

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