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Updated HoloLens resolution now available

March 21, 2017 - 9:39am #1


A patch is available for HoloLens performance modes for Vuforia SDK 6.1 and greater. This change updates the "MODE_DEFAULT" camera device/performance mode to use the 896x504 resolution, as recommended by Microsoft for Vuforia computer vision algorithms. Vuforia's testing shows an improvement in detection distances on HoloLens when using this mode. The previous MODE_DEFAULT resolution can still be used by selecting MODE_OPTIMIZE_SPEED (1280X720). MODE_OPTIMIZE_QUALITY (1344x756) remains unchanged.

To apply the patch for testing, please perform the following steps with your existing app:

  1.  Make sure that the device's Wifi is enabled and can connect to the Internet
  2.  Uninstall your test app with Vuforia integrated
  3.  Reinstall the same test app
  4.  Start the same test app and let it run in idle state for ~30 seconds (i.e. Vuforia camera start)
  5.  Stop the same test app (i.e. Vuforia camera stop)
  6.  Restart the same test app (i.e. Vuforia camera start)

Between steps #4 and #5, the SDK will automatically download a patch file that contains the updated performance modes. The time required for step #4 will vary dependent upon your network conditions. Once applied, the patch will remain in-place for the life of the app installed on device. If the app is reinstalled, upgraded, etc. there is a chance that the patch file will have to be downloaded and applied again.

When considering a programmatic solution, understand that the patch will be downloaded asynchronously after SDK start. Although Vuforia makes a best effort to download the patch before initial camera start, it cannot be guaranteed that the patch will be available at that time. Behavior in the case where the patch is not applied before camera start is that the previous performance modes will be applied. Therefore, please consider initiating a delay after Vuforia init and before camera start to help insure that the patch has time to be downloaded and applied.

This patch will be integrated in our next SDK release. At that time, the aforementioned patch application instructions and considerations will no longer apply.


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