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《PositionalDeviceTracker resultPose》 problem

March 4, 2018 - 11:34pm #1

i use PositionalDeviceTracker to get device pose . get a Matrix34F value named devicePose34F

on iPhone-6s-plus and later device  it's ok.

but on iPhont-6s and before device the devicePose34F.data[3],devicePose34F.data[7],devicePose34F.data[11] always be 0


i use it like this :

 init params

prepareAR ->initTracker->doInitTrackers->

Vuforia::TrackerManager& trackerManager = Vuforia::TrackerManager::getInstance();


    Vuforia::DeviceTracker* deviceTracker = static_cast<Vuforia::PositionalDeviceTracker*>


// ======================

// on function renderFrameVuforia

for (int i = 0; i < state.getNumTrackableResults(); ++i) {

            // Get the trackable

            const Vuforia::TrackableResult* result = state.getTrackableResult(i);


            Vuforia::Matrix44F modelViewMatrix = Vuforia::Tool::convertPose2GLMatrix(result->getPose());

            if(result->isOfType(Vuforia::DeviceTrackableResult::getClassType())) {

                devicePoseTemp = result->getPose();




devicePoseTemp.data[3],devicePoseTemp.data[7],devicePoseTemp.data[11] in iphone-6s or before device always be 0


can some help me ?

i want get the normal value

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