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2d touch detection

April 4, 2017 - 2:21am #1

Hi , I have been able to augment button on a marker image . I want to perform some action on button click. I have implemented tap gesture on the camera screen. I am fetching the 2d touch coordinates from the screen and converting them to 3d coordinates with this vuforia Api.

void projectScreenPointToPlane(Vuforia::Vec2F point, Vuforia::Vec3F planeCenter, Vuforia::Vec3F planeNormal,

                               Vuforia::Vec3F &intersection, Vuforia::Vec3F &lineStart, Vuforia::Vec3F &lineEnd);


But the  2d coordinates never matches with 3d coordinates of Augmented Buttons. I have attached the reference image on this link


Could someone help me on how to detect touch on the augmented button.





Image icon sample.png292.8 KB
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