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about debug and breakpoint on VideoPlayerHelper.mm in Xcode

March 10, 2017 - 6:12pm #1

now i'm using Cloud Reco + Video Playback.

i'd like to do this.


so i need to use break point debug on VideoPlayerHelper.mm

i did this

1. $ cd  /Assets/Plugins/iOS/VuforiaMediaSource/src/

2.changed file name. "VideoPlayerHelper.mm.txt" to "VideoPlayerHelper.mm"

3.modify "VideoPlayerHelper.mm"

4.re-changed file name. "VideoPlayerHelper.mm" to "VideoPlayerHelper.mm.txt"

5. $ cd  /Assets/Plugins/iOS/VuforiaMediaSource/

6.Xcode build.  "$ sh build.sh"

7.Unity build.be made "Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj"

8.i'd like to debug and use break point on "VideoPlayerHelper.mm" methiod.

i think program of "VideoPlayerHelper.mm" is compiled in static library "libVuforiaMedia.a"

could i use break point on Xcode?

thanks in advance.

any help would be appreciated!

best regard,

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