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Adding Vuforia.framework into CMake

January 31, 2020 - 4:38am #1


I have very little experience with how iOS build works and am stuck on trying to add Vuforia.framework into our CMake-based project.


I have added the following:

target_link_libraries(MyProject PUBLIC "-framework Vuforia")

target_include_directories(MyProject PUBLIC path/to/Vuforia.framework/Headers)


In my code I have to change the includes from (for example) <Vuforia/Anchor.h> to <Anchor.h>

However during compilation, Vuforia headers couldn't seem to find itself. The compilation breaks on Anchor.h trying to include <Vuforia/Trackable.h> but the system couldn't find it. This is because the headers are located in Vuforia.framework/Headers instead of Vuforia.framework/Headers/Vuforia.


What's the proper way to get this working? Thanks in advance.

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