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Advice on sophisticated 3d model loading

February 19, 2014 - 4:55am #1

Hello everyone,

for my AR application I'd like to be able to easily import 3D models of different file formats like *.obj *.fbx and so on, so I don't have to manually convert them each time I want to load one.  Has anyone used some kind of third party framework for this job and is willing to share his/her experience with it? What I'm looking for is easy model loading using few lines of (preferrably Objective-C) code with support for many popular 3D export file formats.

Personally I gave NinevehGL a quick look and I think it looks really promising as it has an Obj-C API and does the rendering as well but it isn't really actively developed anymore along with some downsides like missing armv7s support. 

Thanks in advance

Advice on sophisticated 3d model loading

August 25, 2015 - 7:50pm #3

well , i think so. but   i don't know how to integrat cocos3D  with vuforia.


First, building cocos3D needs layer ,scene ,light ,camera and CC3viewcontroller ,the camera can been set (x,y,z) .  


Then in vuforia , there is a UserDefindTargetViewController or imageTargetViewController , it load a XXXEAGLView who build 3D model in the  renderFrameQCAR method.


So ,plan A: use cc3ViewController to build 3D model ,then add the 3D model to the EAGLVIew ,but how can i know it's camera angle because vuforia's camera is moving by user . How can i know where  this 3D model should be in camera view ,  imageTarget needs it show on a special picture we setting. 

It looks very hard ,plan A.

 plan B:Do not change EAGLVIew and it's ViewController , we change the  renderFrameQCAR method in EAGLView . like vuforia Simple's  imageTarget , when it load 3D model , change code to use cocos3D to load. I know nothing about cocos3D , ever though i saw cocos3D video in youtube . I still don't know how to  build 3D model like vuforia use openGL  .


Any one know about this ? Please tell me . My email :



Advice on sophisticated 3d model loading

February 27, 2014 - 3:07am #2

One thing you could try is integrating Cocos3D with Vuforia, so it might be worth searching the forums to see whether anyone has done this before.


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