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Blackscreen, nothing render on backgroundplane

February 11, 2016 - 2:29am #1

Hi there this Topic is about a special way of integrating a Vuforia app developped within Unity and integrated in an iOS App.

I talked about it in a previous post here

So here is the thing, I used this Github tutorial to try and integrate smoothly a XCode project generated by Unity in an iOS App developped in XCode.

What is happening is : when I launch the Unity Xcode build everything works perfectly. Image is rendered, Vuforia is doing it's thing and I'm happy.

But when I do the integration (Unity build wrapped in XCode Project) the XCode works and I launch Unity app but I get a blackscreen of doom but the app works nevertheless.

Vuforia recognize a marker and augment my blackscreen scene with nice looking objects with a problem of screen refreshment (see attached file)


After many tests and experiment I can't seem to find a solution, log wise there is nothing to see.


So here I am asking some help, if anyone got a similar problem before and how he/she dealt with it.


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