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Camera Offset in Digital Eyewear not working - viewports too far apart

August 24, 2018 - 9:33pm #1

I created an AR experience back in March using Unity 2017.3.1f1 and I believe Vuforia 7.1.* (or whatever the current version of it was at the time).  When I first created the AR app, I had great success with the "General Cardboard" Viewer Type and the two viewports on my iPhone aligned well.  I was, and still am, using a basic "Utopia360 Elite Edition" headset.

Since the update (Unity 2018.2.4f1 / Vurforia 7.2.23) every time I export to an iOS build, the two viewport are too separated out and I cannot line them up anymore.  I tried messing with the "Camera Offset" however the actual video-through image from my camera doesn't change positions (just the items in the camera itself) and the images are still two far left and right.  (Plus the option for "Video See-through" doesn't seem to exist anymore, so i'm not sure if i'm in optical or video - I"m guessing i'm in video see-through if i'm using my iPhone camera.)

Has anyone had any problems like this and, if so, found a workaround?  It's starting to drive me crazy just testing out every possible Digital Eyewear custom combination.  Or are there old Eyewear specs that I can manually type in?  The only way i've been able to somewhat fix the problem is to change the default "Lens Center To Tray Distance" to .02 (with everything else default from "General Cardboard") but I'm not sure WHY it works and plus it moves the two viewports to the bottom of the iPhone, which is not ideal.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!


What I'm working with:

PHONE:  iPhone X

iOS: 11.4.1

XCODE:  9.4.1

UNITY:  2018.2.4f1

VUFORIA: 7.2.23

OS:  Mac 10.13


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