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Compatibility issues with iOS6

August 30, 2012 - 2:59pm #1

Hello iOS developers,

Please be aware that we found 2 issues when testing Vuforia on iOS 6 and which may affect your published apps once iOS 6 is released and users upgrade their devices. If your apps are affected by these changes, they will no longer function properly. You will need to rebuild them and resubmit them to the App Store ASAP.

1) The colors of the video background can appear out of sync on some devices running iOS 6, including iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.  This affects both Unity and Native iOS Apps.

2) The landscape left orientation is not working.  This just affects Unity iOS Apps


We have a fix for each of these issues and they are documented below:

For Native iOS Apps please download the updated Vuforia 1.5.9 iOS SDK

Once you have downloaded this updated SDK build your applications with it.  This new release of the Vuforia iOS SDK is available for download from the SDK download page of this site.  It contains an updated libQCAR.a library file which is located at "vuforia-sdk-ios-1-5-9/build/lib/arm" - please note that this is the only change in this release.

For apps built with Unity, they are affected by both issues as well, though please note that there is no new Unity package so you also need to download the updated Vuforia 1.5.9 iOS SDK and follows the steps below:

For issue 1)  you will need to replace the libQCAR.a file in the Assets/Plugins/iOS  directory of the Unity project with the new libQCAR.a library file before generating the iOS project that is to be build by Xcode.
Then build your app as usual.

For issue 2) we have a simple fix that works with Unity 3.5.x. after the project has been generated in Xcode:

    •  Open the generated project in XCode and locate the file
    •  At or around line 667 locate this line:  UnitySetScreenOrientation(requestedOrient);
    •  Above this line insert This:  QCARUnityPlayer::getInstance().QCARSetOrientation(requestedOrient);
    •  build your app as usual

In order to verify that your application is using the latest library you can check the Xcode log in the output window for the presence of the following string  "QCAR SDK version 1.5.9"

Let us know through the forums if you are having any problems with this.


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