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Converting VideoPlayback Sample to 4.0

February 17, 2015 - 6:18am #1

Ok this wasn't as hard as I thought.

  1. follow the instructions here to change the C++ library
  2. remove your libQCAR.a and headers in your build folders and replace it with libVuforia.a and headers (you all likely did this differently than I did so I can't give an actual example)
  3. change your build targets to include arm64 and standard architectures (you'll see it) Don't forget to do it for both your adhoc and appstore releases
  4. search/replace all instances of ImageTracker with ObjectTarget
  5. change the definition of targetPositiveDimensions from Vec2F to Vec3F
  6. get an app key from Vuforia, look for QCAR::setInitParameters, and add a second parameter with that key as a string...

    QCAR::setInitParameters(mQCARInitFlags, "my license key");

I think that's all I did.


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