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Corrections not syncing to iCloud

January 31, 2018 - 2:42am #1

Last night I went through 1000 items in my "Other" library on iOS and painstakingly edited their metadata. I was actually surprised that once one episode of a TV show with similar filename was edited, Infuse would actually match all the other similarly-named episodes. That was nice, and the only reason I managed to trudge through more than 2k items. That was enough for one night, though. I'll begin another editing session when I have more free time to hopefully clean up the rest of the "Other" library.

I was under the impression that corrections will sync to iCloud. As it stands, Infuse is using 42.2KB of iCloud data (while total Infuse metadata on iOS is 2.11GB). Maybe that's correct, as 2000 edits might only be about that size in plaintext, but I'm leaning towards this being an error, because my Apple TV still shows more than 3000 items in other. I expected those corrections made on iOS to sync with iCloud, and then get synced with tvOS, which would mean the "Other" library on tvOS would now be around 1000, just like on iOS.

Have I misunderstood how iCloud sync works, or is it not working?

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