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Field of view is narrow (iOS)

November 30, 2018 - 1:55am #1

Vuforia app's field of view is narrow than iOS camera app.

I want to make Vuforia app's field of view wide.

Especially height direction.

Anyone have any ideas?

------the Development environment ---------

device: iphone 6S

os: iOS 9.2.1

Vuforia: 4.2.3

Unity: 5.3



Field of view is narrow (iOS)

December 4, 2018 - 3:53pm #2


The "zoomed" look of the camera image can be related to two (2) factors:

  1. The source image is actually delivered by the device camera already slightly "zoomed" (or "cropped") with respect to the camera image at resolutions that are not used by the native camera app. This is not a result of Vuforia's implementation, but of the OEM's.
  2. In addition to the scaling by iOS in #1, Vuforia camera rendering applies additional image scaling so that the camera image can entirely fill the device screen. This scaling is necessary (and mathematically correct) in order to avoid image distortion due to the different aspect ratio of the camera image w.r.t. the screen. It also avoids black side bands (i.e. letterboxing) from appearing at the top / bottom (or left/right) of the rendered image.

The combination of the 2 effects above can result in an overall scaling which appears to be more "zoomed" than the camera's native resolutions, which are an optimized selection per device by the OEM.

Recommendation is to experiment with Vuforia camera modes: MODE_DEFAULT, MODE_OPTIMIZE_SPEED, and MODE_OPTIMIZE_QUALITY to eliminate or reduce the effect.


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